VMS Rear Sway Bar Adjustable End Links Kit of 2 For 05-21 Dodge Charger Challenger

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So, you can't install your rear 17" drag racing wheels and tires on your Dodge Challenger/Charger, or your Chrysler 300 as they hit the rear sway bar? Or, you want to eliminate the flex of the factory links and soft rubber bushings that flex under load, or maybe you just want to be able to adjust the length of your sway bar links to fine tune your rear bar, or maybe just get some preload on the rear bar? No problem, VMS Racing comes back to the rescue to save the day with the best adjustable sway bar end links for Dodge Challenger/Charger/Chrysler 300 on the market!


The VMS Racing adjustable end links come with the very best 1/2 inch chrome moly Teflon lined self sealing spherical rod ends mounted on the highest quality black anodized for durability and good looks 7075 Billet Aluminum Sway Bar End Links. The adjustable links will eliminate the flex of the factory links and rubber bushings that flex under load. Easy to adjust on the car as our adjustable links are threaded on one side with right hand threads and on the other with left hand threads. Unlike some of our competitors end links, our do not need to be removed to adjust them, as they have left and right hand threads. This allows for easy on the car sway bar link adjustments to fine tune your rear sway bars.


These sway bar end links are the obvious choice when you want to install 17" drag racing wheels on your Challenger/Charger/Chrysler300, or you simply want to tighten up the handling after installing lowering springs by allowing you to adjust the height of your sway bars




• 7075 CNC Machined Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Links.


• Rod end center to center adjustable from: 11.5" open to 9.50" closed.


• On the car adjustable sway bar end links.


• Chrome moly 1/2" Teflon lined self sealing rod ends.


• Solid Stainless steel bushings.


• Steel YFS 12.9 grade installation bolts.


• Allows you to install 17" drag racing wheels.


• Allows for preloading of sway bars to fine-tune your specific suspension setup.


• Reduces sway bar end link deflection.


• Allows for proper sway bar working angles and geometry on lowered cars.


• Beautiful hard anodized finish for durability and good looks.


• Easy to install.


• Looks great!